Microsoft.net Development

Microsoft .NET is a technology that connects information, people, systems and devices. .NET connects a broad range of personal and business technologies, enabling the access and use of important information, whenever and wherever it is needed. Built on XML Web service standards, .NET enables both new and existing applications to connect with software and web application to the services across platforms, applications and programming languages. 

Microsoft .NET architecture spans from MS Enterprise Servers to Smart Mobile Devices, and Web Services technology, powered by SOAP, WSDL and UDDI standards by W3C, acts as glue between them. Although .NET platform is targeted for a wide range of operating environments, it fits Internet the best. 

System Catalyst provides a professional service to design, develop and integrate business solutions based on the .NET platform. System Catalyst Microsoft .NET team develops and delivers comprehensive solutions utilizing the full capability of .NET functionality. Our experienced Microsoft certified software architects develop and consult work with you to understand your requirements and demonstrate the capabilities of .NET framework and develop the system to the requirements. 

Some of the key areas demonstrating our capabilities in this practice can be shortened as: Our Microsoft .NET technology competencies include

.NET system designs and develops application
Desktop and Web Application Development
Migrating web and desktop applications to .NET
Developing web services and the SOAP toolkit
.NET Architecture and design evaluation
Web Services based .NET Application development
Migration of application from .NET
.NET custom control development
.NET Software Product Development
ASP.NET 3.5 Project Development

ASP.NET 3.5 is the latest release of the Active Server Pages technology from Microsoft. The latest release of ASP.NET integrates with .NET Framework 3.5 and Visual Studio 2008 to provide a number of new features that help you create more powerful and flexible Web sites. 

Visual Studio 2008 is the primary platform for developing under ASP.NET 3.5, although third-party application development environments are likely to appear. One major improvement for Visual Studio 2008 over earlier versions is you can specifically choose the .NET Framework version for an application, allowing it to be used for older .NET 2.0 applications as easily as .NET 3.5 applications. 

ASP.NET 3.5 includes all the core assemblies provided by .NET Framework 2.0 and 3.0, and adds several new features for the ASP.NET 3.5 release. This means that existing code written for .NET 2.0 and .NET 3.0 will function exactly the same way under .NET 3.5, but there are new capabilities that extend the framework considerably that are supported only under the new release. Although there are a number of minor improvements to ASP.NET 3.5, the two biggest new features are ASP.NET AJAX and LINQ.

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